Dubai + Chanel Cruise = what to wear WHERE?

The Chanel Cruise Collection 2015 has most undoubtedly stolen our hearts. And we are not here to talk about it another time.
We have put together a series of "what to wear WHERE?" So if you're planning to head toward the MiddleEast , this is NOT TO BE MISSED!



Noey Lolita said...

I've loved your pics

Hilary Lambert said...

I love the Chanel collection as well and the way you have displayed them on this post is very cool and interesting. The different destinations have curious about how these clothes fit into each as I have never been to the middle east.
Thanks for sharing!


Dez Offril said...

i love all the outfits you've chosen! all fashionable and still appropriate for the culture, love it!

Chidiogo Maxwell said...

AMazing pics!
So inspirational :)


cool post! :)

Jess said...

This must be very stunning! Amazing post! =)
Thanks for visiting my blog!

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Mabel and Zora said...

Love the 1st outfit.

Mia said...

Lovely collection! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


Sarah Rizaga said...

Love the collections!I really adore the Armanis :)

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Viva La Highstreet said...

Great post!!! I miss Dubai so much:(( used to live there few years back!!



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