#PearlWhatsNext: 5 Reasons Why Vintage Has Made A Comeback


5 reasons why vintage has made a comeback and is here to stay!
It is quite recognizable that “Vintage” has made a resurgence this season. But unlike any other, this trend is here to stay. Fashion has encountered a change in landscape, and each one from Renée Zellweger to a teenage shopper is nuzzling up in vintage. So what is it about the swelling appeal of this trend?

1. Distinctive: People seek exclusivity. As opposed to spending $5000 on  Charlotte Olympia (which a few others may have also picked up), it seems preferable to customers to spend the same to acquire a vintage Chanel quilted bag so as to be the sole owner of the piece.

2. Options & Better Buying Experience: Amazon and eBay have been selling vintage since a considerable period of time. But upcoming vintage labels (Nasty Gal, Byronesque,etc) have been favoured over the former as they not only not only offer a wide range of options, but also check for authenticity and quality, and provide an exclusive luxury environment to its patrons. 

3. Alternate thinkers: In the past few years, we have seen an increase in bloggers, stylists and the statement makers who have questioned the clichéd rules of style. We are no longer sticking to the same old chestnut, rather experimenting with our personal style. The season has arrived where we are combining a couture gown with our great grand mom’s handlooms, or an antique Banarasi saree  with a Saint Laurent bag! “We’ve learnt to take the tradition, and decorate it our way.”

4. Marketing Marketing Marketing: It’s the age of social media. Like other consumer products, vintage is being marketed thoroughly. Everyone from actors to politicians has been shown flaunting vintage- jewellery and clothing.  The portrayal of stars in these has made it socially acceptable to wear vintage.

5. Old is gold:  No matter how continuously our wardrobe refreshes, we’ll always have a sweet spot for something old, borrowed and blue!

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Tarragona IN said...

Vintage make you own something not everyone has it. That makes you special.

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